Michael Person

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Michael Person

Director of Client Operations

Michael grew up around technology in Los Gatos, California and spent several years in the entertainment software industry working for companies such as Accolade, Infogrames, Sega and Sony Computer Entertainment until he married his wife Kimberley in 2003. At that point, Michael picked up and moved to Hawai’i where he began working for companies such as Get2Hawaii, Xerox, Honblue and Hawaiian Telcom.

Michael was introduced to Elevate while overseeing the development of Hawaiian Telcom’s IT as a Service program and had the opportunity to help Elevate grow into the Hawai'i market. Michael was a strong advocate for Elevate’s services and fully appreciated their customer-centric approach. Fast forward, Michael joined the Elevate team in 2019 as Director of Client Operations to ensure excellent service standards and maintain high customer happiness with Aloha.   

When Michael isn’t working, he enjoys what he calls '3Bs' - Beats, BBQ and Beer. During weekends and off-times, Michael often escapes the grind of the busy work week in the mix, spinning Balearic -style beats on his vintage Techniques 1200s.

Once dinner time hits, Michael springs into action behind the grill cooking tasty cuts of meat all while chasing it with some of Hawai'i and the PNW's best brews. 

Michael also enjoys spending quality time with his family and two Dachshund / Chihuahuas Fritz and Milo.

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