About Us

Our organization has been heavily focused on closing the digital divide


Elevate's Approach and Methodology


Elevate is an engineering first company

  • Our team understands deep technology along with business decision making. We know the value behind understanding the business with technical knowledge and we make decisions and recommendations with the long-term organizational goals in the front of our mind.

Technology starts with business requirements

  • What problem are we trying to solve? Our focus is on how we use the technical infrastructure to integrate technology into your business and enable your organization to use technology as a reliable tool.

Elevate engineers, deploys, and manages technology solutions that meet your vision and business plan long-term

  • Elevate enables your network with proactive monitoring and maintenance to avoid business impacting issues.
  • This approach is paired with remote and onsite network and end-user support. Our support model focuses on combining customer service with our in-house 24/7/365 IT Help Desk services.
  • These services are enhanced by strategic planning, giving your business a road map to success for years to come. Elevate keeps your business protected and your IT infrastructure running smoothly under one (virtual) roof.

Elevate's priority is superior customer service and technical skills

  • We are continuously innovating and educating our team to keep our technical and customer service skills cutting edge.

Let's collaborate  on  your business requirements  and help you decide what fits your business best.

Mission Statement

Innovate with new and proven technologies, transforming the way businesses interact with technology, to better their business and their customer's experience.

Elevate Core Values

Respect for All

  • Respect our client’s time and appreciate/understand the business impact we, as IT, have on each user.
  • Respect one another’s beliefs and time. Always work together to achive goals and milestones.

Elegance Through Simplicity

  • Engineer solutions that deliver great ideas while remaining straightforward and scalable.
  • Speak plainly and keep it simple. Use creativity and out of the box thinking to craft reliable solutions.


  • Actively engage clients in the solutions we build.
  • Empower every member of the team to own solutions and ideas. Always encourage new perspectives and concepts


  • Deliver on promises, and communicate early and often with clients, especially when changes to the plan are needed.
  • Commit to always being available and attentive to clients and all team members.

Ethics and Integrity

  • Commit to our clients to always present the right choices, even when those choices are difficult. Own up to any mistakes.
  • Always maintain the highest standard of ethics when working with client data and systems. Own mistakes and work to correct them.