Manuel Enciso

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Manuel Enciso

Desktop Support Technician

In the early 2000s, Manuel's tech journey began when he accidentally broke his family's brand-new PC while tinkering in the registry. It seemed like a big mistake, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. In his panic, he researched solutions and reached out to friends for help. Through these efforts, he successfully restored the computer's functionality, feeling like he had discovered a superpower.  Manuel became the family's go-to IT wizard. That marked the moment he became hooked on all things tech. Manuel still get calls from his parents any time a computer stops working, and he loves it.

Before joining Elevate, Manuel worked in diverse bilingual customer-centric roles in the banking sector for over a decade. This ranged from fraud detection with high-value clients to assisting customers facing hardships during the COVID crisis while on the credit card payment assistance team.  Manuel also managed customer complaints at the highest escalation level within a bank. Consistently delivering top-tier service to every client is his pride.

Manuel studied Web Development at Portland Community College and earned a Google IT Support Professional certification in his spare time.

Beyond work, Manuel enjoys exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with his wife, two kids, and dogs. As a long-time fan of mixed martial arts, he watches it on TV, attends live events, and practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu whenever possible. He also appreciates the latest stand-up comedy specials for a good laugh.  Manuel enjoys learning about the latest technology and AI trends through podcasts or on YouTube. During the summer, he tries his hand at gardening, which remains a work in progress.

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