Adam Miller

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Adam Miller

Desktop Support Technician

Adam's a California transplant that moved to Portland from Bakersfield in 2013 and has never looked back.

He grew up playing soccer and video games and was introduced to building computers by playing Diablo 2 in a pc gaming café. Wanting to have his own pc to game with at home led him into figuring out how to build one.

Adam has worked in the tech industry prior to joining Elevate for Oracle and as the manager of a computer store where he would build and troubleshoot PC’s for end users. He takes a jack of all trades approach when it comes to broadening his knowledge of computer hardware and software.  He got really serious about developing his skills and decided to build out a home-lab. In his lab, he practices networking concepts using multiple switches & routers, has set up his own HP 1u server for learning Active Directory, practices using different flavors of Linux, and loves self-hosting applications for his family and himself.

When he isn’t labbing or studying for new certifications, he enjoys being with his wife and son. When they aren’t at the beach or out for the day, he and his son play PC and console games.

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